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Valiquette Academy

The Valiquette Academy Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide children with a stimulating and inclusive environment and teach them the skills they need to succeed  academically and emotionally. The charitable work of the Valiquette Academy Foundation seeks to address a multitude of needs in our community:

  • Tutoring
  • French Classes
  • English Classes
  • Youth Success Seminars
  • Coding & Digital Workshops
  • Preparation for the High School Entrance Exam
  • March Break Camp
  • Summer Camp

"If you want your children to succeed, you want to send them to
the Valiquette Academy!"

Jack Fattal, LL.L, JD, MBA

Our Objectives - Our Philosophy

Our belief is that the combination of strong academic skills and attention to emotional intelligence leads to individuals better equipped to succeed inside and outside the school structure.

We firmly believe that success is the result of vision, self-discipline, time and effort. Further, we believe that it is important to hold oneself accountable to good values and good manners.

These are not just empty words, but beliefs that are dear to us and that we aspire to every day. Our holistic approach is at the root of everything we do: tutoring, French classes, English classes, seminars on youth success and financial intelligence, coding and digital workshops, preparation for the high school entrance exam, programmes for pedagogical days, March break camp, and summer camp.

A word from the Director

A life dedicated to serving others

Jay G. Valiquette
Jay G. Valiquette

I have always been guided by two ideas. First, the ideal world is one in which people help others – unreservedly and with great happiness. Second, the idea that Edward Everett Hale expressed, that I paraphrase: I am only one person, but still I am one, and I will not let what I cannot do, interfere with what I can do.

I want to help make the world a better place, and I cannot think of a better way to do that than helping children to stay in school. My goal is that through the Valiquette Academy Foundation, we will be able to help every child receive as much educational aid as needed. Our goal is to motivate all students to want to learn, to finish high school, CEGEP, and successfully complete their university studies. Ultimately, our goal is to help children to become successful, happy and positive contributing members of society.

There is a lot to do to achieve these goals. Sometimes our children are hungry and we have to provide them with food. Other times, they do not have adequate winter clothes and we have to help there too. On a daily basis we must provide school materials, books and computers. At the same time, we need to motivate children to become aware of the importance of education and inspire them to study.

We must conform to the highest standards, act as mentors and encourage children to want to become the best versions of themselves, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. If you are reading these words, it is because the idea of helping children to receive education is important to you. We hope that we may have your help so that we may benefit more children and, hopefully, create a better world.

Jay G. Valiquette

The Valiquette Academy Foundation

A Life Dedicated To Serving Others

Jay Valiquette has dedicated his life to serving others. His altruism was evident from a young age when, in high school, he aided his local homeless population in getting proof of identity in order to receive social welfare. Later, while in university, Jay worked as a volunteer teaching martial arts to disadvantaged children every Monday and Friday for four years as a tool through which to help improve their confidence, cope with daily struggles and stay in school.

Jay has been teaching and mentoring youth for 25 years. His approach to educating young people is holistic in nature and founded on a desire to promote long-term positive life habits through a strong academic foundation and a high level of emotional intelligence.

Jay brings a unique mix of mental and physical strength. What defines him most of all is his integrity and desire to help those around him, especially children. Jay’s experience as a black belt, a powerlifter and former head of security gives him an advantage in teaching children to become strong and disciplined members of society.

Jay’s drive to inspire the next generation of leaders and changemakers also led to his creating Backpack to Briefcase, a motivational speaking class used to help university students and young professionals to better transition into a professional environment. Jay has repurposed that class, now titled Youth Success Seminar, to help students from 9-17 years.

In 2010, Jay created the Valiquette Academy, an academic centre providing tutoring, English and French classes, a March break and summer camp. It offers respite, guidance and coaching for academic success. Yet, despite even with the best resources, sometimes students struggle with academics for reasons beyond their control. The Foundation will never turn away a motivated student. Staying true to its mission means helping the whole child regardless of low income or limited means.

Jay’s ultimate goal is to develop the Foundation towards a financially sustainable future so that the community can continue to benefit from the Academy’s unique academic and youth development programmes for many decades to come.


As part of its outreach programme to families and children in the community and to schools that have identified at risk children, the Valiquette Academy Foundation actively seeks to help those who cannot afford the assistance they so very much need. Families often contact us because they hear about the work we do from other members of the community. The Valiquette Academy also contacts the 13 schools within a five kilometre radius and offers to help children from each school. Our mandate is simple, children must be from a family who cannot afford the educational support their child needs and the child must want to improve. Below are some of the words that attest to the great importance of our work – the tremendous need we help fulfill. Names have been ommitted to preserve anonimity.