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Charitable work for a multitude of needs in our community

Valiquette Academy Foundation

The charitable work of the Valiquette Academy Foundation seeks to address a multitude of needs in our community:

  • Free Tutoring
  • Subsidized fees for March Break and Summer Camp
  • Free Computers
  • Free School supplies
  • Digital workshops and coding classes
  • Seminars
  • Nutrition support
  • Mentoring and guidance for children
  • Assistance for parents with schools, and at-risk children
  • Community outreach and support

Contact us if you want to make a donation:

“The Valiquette Academy is more than just an academic centre. Yes my son’s grades improved because of the tutoring he received, but more than that, his grades improved because he was taught how to study, read and take notes, prepare for tests and exams and organization skills. Most notably he told me he learned the importance of being mature enough to understand his responsibilities and to prioritize his work. I finally see a positive change in my child’s attitude.“

Rose, Mother of Michael, Secondary 3

“The Valiquette Academy Foundation allowed our son to continue to receive as much tutoring as he needed, even after my husband lost his job. We will always be very grateful!“

Anonymous, Parent

Your generous contribution is necessary to help us make a significant, positive change in the lives of many children!

Thank you!