Summer Camp

Intelligent, sporty, artistic, fun!

Summer Camp

Valiquette Academy Foundation

The activities of our summer camp are the same as the March Break Camp, but also include sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, frisbee, picnic day races, badminton and swimming lessons.

We also study one hour of French or English in the morning and one hour of mathematics in the afternoon.

“The Valiquette Academy teaches us how to be successful, to try our best and to be positive.”

Mother of Teddy and Russel

“This is the best summer camp in the world! We study, play sports, swim, paint, play chess and other games, and Jay gives us a lot of knowledge about things we don’t learn in school. It makes me feel special! Also all the staff are really kind to us!”

Mehdi and Iman, Grades 4 and 6