French Courses

From 4 to 17 years old

French Courses

Valiquette Academy Foundation

In our French classes, students will learn to improve speaking, reading and writing through songs, interactive educational games, book reports, oral presentations, and written texts.

It is important to note that the two most important aspects of academics in Quebec from grade 2 – 8 (Sec. 2) are reading comprehension and problem solving and so exercises that focus on these are at the heart of our classes.

French lessons are fun, and interactive: students learn to focus, improve their study skills, their self-discipline, and learn to work well with others in an atmosphere that motivates them to want to learn.

“French is hard for me. We don’t speak French at home, but the French lessons at L‘ Académie Valiquette help us a lot. Now I can talk and read a lot. The lessons are fun!”

Linette, Grade 3

“My son struggled with French at school. The tutoring program combined with the French lessons made a big difference in his grades and his behaviour. We were very lucky to have found The Academy!”

Leonida, Parent

Specifically, our courses are organized as follows:

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Our youngest students begin learning fundamentals through a fun yet structured approach that pays great attention to motivating children to enjoy studying and learning.

Children learn to speak clearly and express full sentences. They learn to hold a pencil properly, how to write, and give presentations. They will sing songs, have books read to them, learn to converse and ask lots of questions.

Grade 2

In grade 2, students are introduced to reading comprehension and problem solving.

From our textbook and comprehesive supporting material, students will learn to read and answer questions in a wide variety of formats: complete sentences, multiple choice, true or false, etc., as well as read short stories and answer questions.

Students also give weekly presentations and submit written compositions.

Grades 4 and 5

In Grades 4 and 5, students continue with more advanced reading comprehension and problem solving.

In addition, they delve further into our textbooks, give more advanced oral presentations, act in short plays, and learn to read and discuss books in groups.

Students will also learn how to write book reports.

Grade 6 to Secondary 2

In grade 6 to Secondary 2, students continue with our textbooks, focusing on more advanced reading comprehension and problem solving.

They continue to write book reports and engage in more advanced discussions and oral presentations dealing with current affairs and interesting topics from history, science, etc.