English Courses

From 4 to 17 years old

English Courses

Valiquette Academy Foundation

English classes yet so much more!

Speaking, reading, writing introduction to classic literature, weekly presentations, Canadian English textbooks, focus on the practical application of learning, improvisation, games, current and historical events, debates, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, learning values and building vision.

Students are taught focus, organization, and self-discipline, learn to become strong independently and to work well with others in an interactive atmosphere that motivates them to want to learn.

“My two daughters have been following the English courses at the Valiquette Academy for three and two years. They both improved their English and learned to be strong, independent and confident.”

Li Jing, Parent

“Thank you to the Valiquette Academy for making my studies enjoyable and never giving up on me. The Foundation has shown me that hard work pays off. The Valiquette Academy Foundation has changed my life! “

Jeri-Ann, Student, Grade 9

Specifically, our courses are organized as follows:

4 and 5 years old

As with our French classes, our youngest students begin learning fundamentals through a fun yet structured approach that pays great attention to motivating children to enjoy studying and learning.

Children learn to speak clearly and express full sentences. They learn to hold a pencil properly, how to write, and give presentations. They will sing songs, have books read to them, learn to converse and ask lots of questions.

6 to 8 years old

Six year olds begin our Canadian English textbook where they learn through reading passages and answering questions in a wide variety of formats: full sentences, multiple choice, true or false, etc. Students also give weekly presentations and submit written compositions. Students also give weekly presentations and submit written compositions.

9 and 10 years old

At this level, students continue with our textbooks, give more advanced presentations, act in short plays, learn to read books in a group, discuss, and write book reports.

11 and 12 years

Students continue advancing in our textbooks, and write more complicated book reports and presentations. We also begin to tech our youth success programme.

Further, students will begin to learn:

  • debating
  • CI v EI
  • financial concepts and success
  • personal strength, the importance of values and how to be a positive contribution to society
13 to 17 years old

In this thought provoking class, students will expand on:

  • our youth success programme
  • CI v EI
  • financial success

Students will also be introduced to the IELTS*, study a timeline of history, the American, French and Russian Revolution, and explore great ideas.

* The IELTS test has been developed by some of the world’s leading experts in language assessment. It measures reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and assesses the ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country. It is also an excellent way to improve logical and analytical reasoning capabilities.