Grade 1 to Secondary 5 (Grade 11)


Valiquette Academy Foundation

We help students to understand their homework and to prepare for their tests.

We also provide additional material in all subjects, create study plans, and teach students how to study. In addition, we motivate our students to be proud to have a library card and to read every night.

“ If you want your children to succeed, you want to send them to the Valiquette Academy!”

Jack Fattal, LL.L, JD, MBA

“What a great place! The tutors really helped me! Thank you!”

Sara, Student, Sec 3

“My grades improved so much!”

Rianna, Student, Sec 5

“The Valiquette Academy Foundation made it possible for our son to continue to receive a very high level of tutoring even after my husband lost his job. We will always be very grateful!”

Anonymous, Parent